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Erec Rolfe, Defence Lawyer

R v. R.O. - Charges dismissed following sexual assault and unlawful confinement trial

Charges: Sexual assault, robbery, unlawful confinement

Result: Charges dismissed following trial


R.O. was charged with sexual assault, assault and unlawful confinement.  The matter proceeded to trial.  Midway through the trial, the prosecution invited the court to dismiss the charges.  R.O. was cleared of the allegations.  



R v. J.L. - Client acquitted of sexual assault charges by jury 

Charges: Sexual assault with a weapon, sexual assault, unlawful confinement

Result: Client acquitted after jury trial


The prosecution alleged that J.L. forced the complainant to commit a sexual act at knife point.  J.L. was facing a significant prison sentence, if convicted.  Mr. Rolfe effectively cross examined the complainant, pointing to many inconsistencies between her testimony at trial and previous statements to police.  In addition, a private investigator discovered that the complainant had a strong motive to fabricate the allegations.  Mr. Rolfe argued to the jury that they could not accept the complainant's story under the circusmtances.  The jury agreed, acquitting J.L. of all counts.  



R v. K.B. - Sexual assault charges dropped without trial

Charges: Sexual assault

Result: Charges withdrawn


K.B. was charged with sexually assaulting his partner.  The evidence included an audio recording of the alleged incident.  Mr. Rolfe thoroughly examined the allegations and surrounding circumstances.  He was able to point out material problems in the prosecution's case.  Mr. Rolfe successfully persuaded the prosecution that the charges should be dropped without trial.



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