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Erec Rolfe, Defence Lawyer

R v. J.C. -  Drug charges dismissed following successful search warrant challenge

Charges:  Possession of crack cocaine for the purpose of trafficking, possession of proceeds of crime

Result: Charges dropped during trial


The police received a tip from a confidential informant that J.C. was selling crack cocaine from his vehicle.  The police performed surveillance on J.C. over two days and observed suspicious activity, arguably consistent with drug trafficking.  The police applied for, and were granted, a search warrant for J.C.'s residence.  Upon execution of the search warrant, the police discovered crack cocaine.  


Through careful and meticulous cross-examination of the police, Mr. Rolfe showed that the police presented a distorted and misleading picture of J.C., his history, and his actions during the police surveillance. After the cross-examination, the prosecution dropped the charges relating to the search warrant execution.  



R v. L.L. - Client acquitted after police line-up shown to be flawed

Charge: Assault causing bodily harm

Result: Client acquitted after trial


L.L. was charged with assault causing bodily harm.  The victim was assaulted by unknown assailants.  The police conducted a photo line-up with the victim.  Upon seeing L.L.'s photo, the victim immediately stated that he was "100 per cent sure" that L.L. was the culprit.  


However, Mr. Rolfe demonstrated to the court that the police failed to conduct a proper line-up.  The line-up was created in a manner that led the victim to unfairly focus on L.L.  Despite the victim's "100 per cent" confidence in his identification of the accused, L.L. was acquitted of all charges.





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